Sunday, 22 March 2015

Nanyang Basketball Daycamp 16th March 2015

The Nanyang Basketball Day Camp was held on Monday, 16th March 2015. It was organised with the help of the Falcons' Support Group (FSG) - the parent volunteers of Nanyang Basketball. We also had the opportunity to invite basketballers from the Singapore National Team to conduct a 2 hour clinic for us. 

 We started the day by registering all our eager participants. Our mummy volunteers were a great source of help!

 A quick introduction to the Basketballers from the Singapore National Team. Nanyang Basketball aims to support them at the SEA Games in June! Go Singapore!

 It is always vital to warm up and stretch before training. This will help prevent injuries. 

 Our young players are put through the paces in a drill to increase their footwork.

 Fundamentals of good shooting.

 Dribbling with the correct posture. 

 You want to be a good player? Then learn to shoot better!

 Pounding the ball increases control and arm strength. 

 Aim and posture. Getting your body in the right stance before shooting.

 Movement without the ball.

 Quick feet! Quick feet!

 More movement fundamentals. 

 It isn't all drills. Some fun and games with the basketball. 

 Dribbling games for students to practice with fun. 

 Some words of wisdom to conclude the morning training.

 Wong Wei Long, our national player, sharing about his experiences as a student. He shared about the obstacles he had to overcome and reminded our players not to give up even when the odds are against them. 

 Our Principal, Mrs Lee, dropped in to show her support as well. 

 When the training is over we put our hands in to give a big cheer!

 All together now...SMILE! 
I say say FALCONS!

 Sorting our players into groups. At camps we mix our players into all the groups with the expectation that everyone should make friends and care for each other. We are united by a passion for basketball. 

 It's time for an outdoor cooking experience! Mr Ng teaching the players how to cook their own lunch. 

 Hungry? Time to cook your own lunch! You can see the FSG parents in the background helping each group to get their fires going and helping to cook as well.


 A feast of noodles, eggs, sausages and bak choy. 

 Our older kids are reminded to help the younger ones first. Always.

 Sharing a meal together. 

 A basketball movie screening of Space Jam after lunch. 

Camp debrief and it's home sweet home. We couldn't do a basketball telematch as the skies had opened then. 

Our heartfelt thanks to our FSG parents for helping with the registration, buying of food and supplies. They helped the players greatly during the cooking session, helping to start the fires and teaching them how to cook. Thank you parents!

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