Thursday, 26 February 2015

Purchase of Basketball Jerseys for CCA Players

25 February 2015

Dear Parents / Guardians of Basketball CCA Players,

We thank you for giving support to your child in his/her passion for basketball.

As part of our efforts to make Basketball CCA better, we have decided to order basketball jerseys for our CCA players. This is in response to feedback from our parents that a proper jersey makes a player identify more with the sport and pursue it with greater passion and dedication. The players feel the pride and distinction of training their basketball skills.

Based on parents’ feedback, we have decided to adopt a blue jersey for the CCA players. The Nanyang Falcons also compete in blue and white jerseys. The words Nanyang will be printed in Chinese on the left chest and in English at the back. Numbers will be printed from 20 to 99 and your child will be assigned a number. We are aware that some numbers have a negative connotation and we will not print these numbers. The end design is similar to the diagram below with some variation to the trimmings on the side and final colour. 
The jerseys will be supplied by LiNing, a company renowned for its sports apparel. They are made of a lightweight, cool and dry material suitable for the sport of basketball. It will cost $30 per set. This jersey is encouraged but NOT COMPULSORY for the CCA player to purchase.

The suppliers will be coming on Friday, 27th February from 2pm to 3pm to help your child take measurements for their individual jerseys. If you wish to purchase the jersey, your child is required to pay the supplier directly with cash or you may write a crossed cheque addressed to the authorized dealer - Cagers Sports And Event Management.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Eugene Ng Ming Teck

Nanyang Basketball 

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