Monday, 20 May 2013

Basketball 'A' Division Nationals Final - In support of Hwa Chong JC Girls and Boys

Dear All,

The Nanyang Primary Basketball Coach, Coach Ong, is also coaching the Hwa Chong JC Girls and Boys "A" Division Team. Both of these teams have qualified for the "A" Division Final. The Boys match will be played at 2.30pm followed by the Girls Match. The games should finish by 5pm. 

The games will be played at the Jurong East Sports and Recreation Center. (pls click on the name for link to map)

Coach Ong has cordially invited the Nanyang Primary Basketball CCA members to watch the games this Wednesday afternoon and we have accepted his invitation. The matches themselves should be very fast-paced and exciting. It will be a good experience for all Basketball players to watch these exciting games being played by their elder brothers and sisters. 

We will be arranging a school bus for all interested NYPS Basketball CCA players. 
The bus will return to Nanyang Primary by 530pm. We seek parents' help to arrange transport for your child if you child is attending the matches. You can pick your child up either from Nanyang Primary, King's Road Campus or from the Jurong East Sports and Recreation Center, at 21 Jurong East St 31. 

A consent form has been sent out to all Nanyang Primary Basketball CCA Members. 
Kindly complete the form and return it to Mr Ng (King's Road Campus) or Mr Cha (Toh Tuck Campus).

You can also download the form from this link below.

Warmest Regards,

Eugene Ng

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