Monday, 3 December 2012

3 year plan / 5 year plan / workplan 2013

Mr Eugene shared the following plans he has for the basketball CCA:

3 year plan

In the first 3 years, he hopes to

- grow 2 teams, a competition team and a development team for boys and girls. Typically the competitive team are the seniors in P5-6 while the development team are made up of P3-4s  

- maintain the recreational aspect to allow more students to join. Essentially there should be a nurturing of talent, a student starts from recreation playing and is nurtured into the development team before finally joining the competition team. 

- not everybody makes the competition team, but if we can have more numbers in the recreation and development teams we can hold our own internal games and have mini-competitions.

- work with parents to help support the students in their games. 

Foster a good relationship with parents. Build bonds between parents-students-teachers-coach

- Organise at least 1 basketball camp each year and at least 1 short or long-haul trip.  

- increase participation for girls and build the competitive girls team

5 year plan

- see NANYANG Basketball make strides in competitions. We will play hard, play fair. And build up our school's basketball reputation once again. We must aim to do better at each year's Zone and National Competitions.
- Boys and Girls play basketball at recreational level, development level and competitive level. With opportunity for talents to be nurtured and developed.  

Workplan 2013

To draw up a concrete Calendar schedule to aid parents in the planning of activities and holidays so that they can roughly predict which dates to block out for basketball related activities.  

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