Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 5 and 6 of Taiwan Trip

Day 5 of our Taiwan trip started with a morning visit to big famous bookstore in Taipei City. The bookstore is renowned for its stationeries and trinkets which children like to use. Many of us left with some items purchased as gifts for friends back home.  
After a good lunch, we proceeded to Nangang Elementary School for our final game of this tour. Nangang were indeed famous and fearsome opponents. There were Taiwan National Champions in 2012 and they have a special basketball curriculum to train their players. We were severely outmatched but the coach was gracious enough to play his B and C teams to give us the experience and exposure we needed.

Our boys and girls played their hearts out and impressed the teachers and parents too. We could see the rapid progress they had made since Day 1 of the trip.

One of the highlights of the trip was also seeing our P2 player Chong Weng Kee scoring 2 consecutive free throws to earn himself his first 2 baskets. Weng Kee had been fouled while attempting a shot and he was sent to the free thrown line by the referee. You would feel the tension in the air as we watched with bated breath when Weng Kee composed himself for the free throws. We cheered when he scored the first and when he made the second shot as well, pandemonium erupted in the stands. Weng Kee himself threw his arms up and shouted in delight.
 A photo with the principal, coach and teachers of Nangang Elementary.
 The principal of Nangang Elementary, Mr Liu Lin-Jung, came down specially from a meeting to meet us.
 Mr Liu then proceeded to give us a wonderful tour of his school. Nangang has a vast campus with its own basement heated swimming pool. We bade a fond farewell after the tour.
 After our game at Nangang, the team had a quick shower before heading out to walk around some of the famous night markets in Taipei.
We ended the night at Ximending, a popular tourist and local nightspot filled with eateries and shops. We proceeded to the famous Ah Zong Mian Xian (Rice Vermicelli in Superior Stock), a must eat in Taiwan!
 Jonathan's father, Bob, generously bought a bowl for everybody to try. Here Jonathan is competing with his father to see who can eat more! (It was really delicious!)
 Our happy team and their bowls of Ah Zong Mian Xian.
After a day of games and shopping, our girls were just happy to sit and rest their legs. 

Our last day in Taiwan and the morning was largely spent packing before we headed to the airport. 
 Our boys posing with our amiable and funny guide, Ah Bu. He was warm and caring and took care of us very well throughout the 6 days he spent with us.
Good bye Taiwan! Hopefully we shall return in the future!

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